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What is a People Finder Website?

People finder websites, also known as people search websites, are aggregators of public data; such websites provide access to personal public records in various countries. In the United States, every state has public records resources in which personal data is maintained. To understand the services that provides it is important to know what public records are: These are records that contain files and pieces of information about various agencies and people.

Online People Finder

In the United States, there are government and state public records, and there are also personal public records. The ladder is a type of record that contains personal information about people. Personal public records hold various details about people (the information is collected and maintained by official agencies in the country):

As the title suggests, public records are available to the general public. If you need to find information about an individual, you can do so by accessing these records, either offline or online. The offline search requires you to go in person or contact the agency that maintains the records that you want to view. For instance, for access to someone's arrest records, you need to contact the police station that made the arrest. Then, you need to fill out and file a request form and pay a search fee. You will then get access to the desired public records, after the standard waiting period.

An online public records search provides online access to public records, as well. You can contact the relevant agencies online or perform a search on their websites. Another way to find data about people is to use a people finder website for a comprehensive people search, such as Here you can find online access to public records, so you do not need to contact each agency individually. Our easy to use dashboard will give you quick access to millions of people search records.

OnlinePeopleSearch collects information from official public records resources and provides a detailed online report to the individual who has requested the data. Unlike the offline method and the online search with every official agency, people finder websites provide access to all the public records in one place. So, you will not need to contact each agency and request access to every type of public record to get comprehensive information about people.

Our data is, as it is collected by formal agencies, and can be used to find valuable details about individuals. With a professional people finder website you can discover details about people's criminal past, whether they are registered as sex offenders, if they are married, if they are divorced, and much more information.

How Does OnlinePeopleFiner Collect its Public Records?

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OnlinePeopleFiner is a professional people search website; its operation is 100% legal and authorized, so users get legal and approved access to public records. OnlinePeopleFiner operates an advanced search engine that is connected to public records databases in every state. The search engine is name-based and provides access to all types of public records. OnlinePeopleFiner collects information from all relevant databases, in the form of an online, downloadable report.

With OnlinePeopleFiner, you need to provide the full name and the name of the state in which a person of interest resides. This identifying detail is used by the website's advanced search engine, which scans public records and collects data into an online report. As a people-finder website, OnlinePeopleFiner has access to nationwide public records databases, which it utilizes to produce reports.

Once the search engine has a name of a person of interest, it scans the public records that are registered to the name of the said individual. Within seconds, the website scans billions of public records and collects the data into an online report. The complete report is provided in a short time, and it contains valuable information about the individual in question, including, but not limited to:

People Finder Website Reports:

Court records
Birth records
Government financial records
Death records
Marriage records
Statutes and regulations
Licensing records
Directives and orders, etc.
Statistical data
Studies and reports
Business records (e.g., articles of incorporation)
Transcripts of hearings and meetings
Meeting minutes
Administrative policies and procedures
Voting records
Government contracts and leases
Historical records

How to Use Our Services

As mentioned, people search websites, like, provide online access to public records. to provide details about persons of interest, the website requires an identifying detail. As operates a name-based search engine, it needs the full name of individuals to provide you with access to public records.

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So, you need to enter the first name and the last name of the person you want to know more about. Also, you need to enter the name of the state in which said person resides. These two identifying details are then used in the public records search on

Once the website has the necessary identifying details of a person of interest, it begins the search: scans public records that are connected to the name of the person in question. At the end of the search, which lasts several minutes or less to complete, you will receive a public records report of the person in question. collects data from official public records resources and databases and aggregates it into an online report that is only available to you. can be helpful for many reasons, including:


Online People Search Questions and Answers Guide

How Does Background Check for Public Records Work?

A background check is the gathering of data from public records. When you perform a check such as this on, you get access to public records in the entire state; you can perform a check on people in every state, and when you do, you can view public records of all kinds: birth records, criminal records, arrest records, contact information, marriage records, company records, divorce records, etc. The search is name-based, so you need to enter the full name of an individual into the search field. There are other directories on the website, such as a reverse phone number search, each of which provides access to public records.

How Many Searches Can I Perform with is an unlimited search engine; when using the website, you are not limited by the number of searches that you can perform. We provide vast access to public records, so you can perform numerous queries for no extra fees.

Do You Offer Criminal Records?

Absolutely. is one of the largest public records aggregators today; among other records, we provide access to public criminal records. You can view people's criminal records online, with no effort. However, it is important to know that there are criminal records that are not accessible to the public – on or anywhere else: sealed criminal records, expunged criminal records, juvenile criminal records, and other criminal records that were deemed confidential are not available.

Does Your Service Actually Show Mugshot Records?

Yes, an important part of criminal records is the mugshots. When you view criminal records or arrest records, you will have access to the mugshots of the person who allegedly committed the crime. This helps law enforcement agencies, as well as the public, to distinguish between individuals with criminal records, and it is an important means of identification.

How Often Does Your Data Update?

The data on is updated daily. has access to public records databases in the United States, and whenever the files are updated – our access is updated as well. So, you get the latest public records data each and every day.

Can I Download My Background Check Report?

You can easily download every report that you receive on Once the search and collection of public records data is complete, you will receive a report about the person in question, that you can easily download or print to various devices.

Can I Email Myself a Background Check Report?

Yes; once the search is complete, you can download the report and email it to yourself when you want.

Are My Searches Private?

All the searches that are performed on are 100% confidential. Only you – the holder of the account on the website, will have access to the searches that you perform. Our systems and user data are confidential, so you can be certain that no other person will know what you searched for.

Do You Offer Customer Service?

Yes; you can contact our customer support service 24/7 on our toll-free number: 1.866.955.1623 you can also email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to provide you with all the answers you may need.

What You Should Know about People Finder Websites

There are many websites claiming to offer the best and most accurate people search information. However, only a few actually offer what they say they do. Many websites only show partial information and have out dated information. It is important to use an approved People Finer website with real customer service that can answer every question you may have. OnlinePeopleFiner caters to thousands of people every day and is there to answer all your questions, should you have any. Further, we offer 100% money back guarantee. So you never have to worry about cancellations or refunds. Give Online People Finder a try and join thousands of enjoy free people search services online.